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Pyar Deewana Hota Hai : Strum, Lyrics

qrcode for - Pyar Deewana Hota Hai : Strum, LyricsSong: Pyar Deewana Hota Hai
Artist: Kishore Kumar
From: Kati Patang (1970)

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Strum Pattern:
Time Signature: 4/4

Option 1: Fast strumming - |DU_U(DD)|
(Explanation - 4 beats per meter; last beat is played as two subunits (DD) of the same duration).

Option 2: Play a soft arpeggio.

Playings Tips and Song Notes:
Great sounding arrangement. Very rarely do we come across such rich chords as Cadd9 in old Hindi songs.

These are very basic level chords, that are great for any newbie as well.

Try playing this using tour thumb in stead of a plectrum; sounds excellent.

Try singing along with the song - sounds even better as the chords just repeat themselves.

The lead of this song is excellent. Try learning that.

Plain Lyrics:
Pyaar diwaanaa hotaa hai, mastaanaa hotaa hain.
Har khushee se, har gam se, begaanaa hotaa hain.

Shamaa kahe parawaane se, pare chalaa jaa;
Meree tarah jal jaayegaa, yahaa naheen aa.
Wo naheen sunataa, us ko jal jaanaa hotaa hain.
Har khushee se, har gam se, begaanaa hotaa hain.

Rahe koee sau paradon me, dare sharam se;
Najar ajee laakh churaye, koee sanam se.
Aa hee jaataa hay jis pe, dil aanaa hotaa hain.
Har khushee se, har gam se, begaanaa hotaa hain.

Suno kisee shaayar ne ye, kahaa bahot khub;
Manaa kare duniyaan lekin, mere mehaboob.
Wo chhalak jaataa hai, jo paimaanaa hotaa hain.

Participate and Learn:
Try your hand at figuring out the chords yourself. Figure out the chords to this song and post your reply in the comments of this page for others to view, judge and comment on. You never know what you may find. This is a great way to learn how to figure out the chords to a song.

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Pyar Deewana Hota Hai : Strum, Lyrics

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