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Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai (Gangster) : Strum, Analysis

qrcode for - Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai (Gangster) : Strum, AnalysisSong: Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai
Artist: K.K.
From: Gangster (2006)

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Time Signature and Beat Pattern:
4/4, uses off beats (starts from 2nd beat) - (Time signatures explained)

Fundamental Chord Structure:
Basic chord progression: A#m-Fm-F#-G#

Original scale: A# minor

Chords transposed a scale of C: C-Am-G-C (3 semitone below this scale)- (Transposition explained)

Roman numeral form notation: I-ii-IV-V (50's progression) - (Roman numeral notation explained)

Strum Pattern:
Option 1: Fast strumming - |DDDU|(D')DU(DUD)|
(Explanation - 4 beats per meter; 2nd meter: 1st beat is played and muted (D') and the 4th beat is divided into the three subunit (DUD) series).

Option 2: The pattern followed throughout the song is |D_UD|DUDD|
Between the meter chord changes occur and give this song its distinctive flavour.

Playings Tips and Song Notes:

The chords are all from the C major scale. The lead of this song sounds better than its chords - so learn that too. Try singing along or playing along with the track or get one of your friends and play the lead or a synthesizer along with you.

Difficulty: Beginner level

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Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai (Gangster) : Strum, Analysis

Comments: 6 comment(s)...have your say!


I am trying to copy the song with chords exactly with lyrics & specified chords on top of the words, but it becomes zig-zag/mis-alligned.

I am trying to copy from notepad. Is there any way, can I bring exactly the lines in proper format?

I am learning guitar play for past 7 months & I was taught this song on my last class.

How do I post the lyrics with tabs properly?



Get the PDF file from the previous page...... will have to realign the whole thing by hand.....

Or.....Get a screenshot and save as an image.......Press PrintScreen and paste in paint.


To copy from notepad or any other there's no way to save the formatting. Just put the chords next to or in between the words in

(Am)Tu hi meri shab hai subh(Em)a hai tu hi din hai me(F)ra


Tu Hi Meri Shab hai

Am-------------------Em------- F---------------Am
tu hi meri shab hai, subha hai, tu hi din hai mera
Am------------------Em-------- F---------------Am
tu hi mera rab hai, jahaan hai, tu hi meri duniya
Am-----------G--- F-----------------Am
tu waqt mere liye, main hoon tera lamha
Am-----------G--- F-----------------Am
kaise rahega bhala, hoke tu mujhse judaa

Am----------- G----F---Am
o o o o ho ho, O o o O o o (repeat Chorus)


Am---------Em--x2----------------------Am (Em =2 times)
aankhon se padhke tujhe, dil pe maine likha
tu ban gaya hai mere, jeene ki ek wajah

ho aankhon se padhke tujhe, dil pe maine likha

tu ban gaya hai mere, jeene ki ek wajah (repeat lines)

teri hasi, teri adaa, auron se hai, bilkul judaa

Am----------- G----F---Am
o o o o ho ho, O o o O o o


aankhen teri shabnami, chehra tera aaina
tu hai udaasi bhari, koi haseen dastaan

ho aankhen teri shabnami, chehra tera aaina

tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen dastaan (repeat lines)
dil mein hai kya, kuchh toh bata,kyon hai bhala, khud se khafa

Am----------- G----F---Am
o o o o ho ho, O o o O o o (repeat Chorus)

Cont..d(repeat INTRO).................................
Chords/Strumming patterns discussed with my Guitarist, Mr.Dean Lezarus
in the class. After realising sounding close to original,
it is posted. -by Karthik Siddhun


I use the strumming pattern option 2 to play the song, which is mentioned already here. The pattern can be more observed in "chorus(humming)" part of the song if I am not wrong.

Please, feel free to correct if mistakes found.I will be learning another song next week. I'll share with you.



Wow.....Nice augmentation. Really, outstanding work. I will certainly, sooner or later incorporate these changes into the main one (as another option). Thanks for sharing.....

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