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Hum Bewafa Harghiz Na The : Strum, Lyrics

qrcode for - Hum Bewafa Harghiz Na The : Strum, LyricsSong:Hum Bewafa Harghiz Na The
Artist:Kishore Kumar
From:Shalimar (1978)

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Strum Pattern:
Time Signature: 4/4

Option 1: Fast strumming - |(DD)U_U|
(Explanation - 4 beats per meter; 1st beat is divided into two down strokes (soft) 2nd beat is a gap.

Option 2: Play a simple 6th to 1st string arpeggio slowly averaging four cycles per line.

Playings Tips and Song Notes:
Eb is not the most melodic of scales to play on a guitar by itself especially when you play most of your songs in C major. It strongly needs a support, either a lead, or vocal. Give it to the song or play along with the track to get the full effect of this great song.

Plain Lyrics:
Hum bewafaa haragiz na the,
Par ham wafaa kar naa sake,
Humako milii usakii sazaa,
Hum jo kataa  kar naa sake.

Kitanii akelii thii wo, raahen hum jinapar,
Ab tak akele chalate rahen.
Tujhase bichhada ke bhii, o bekhabar
Tere hii gam men, jalate rahen.
Tuune kiyaa, jo shikwaa,
Hum wo gilaa, kar naa sake.

Tumne jo dekhaa sunaa, sach thaa magar
Itanaa thaa sach, ye kisako pataa.
Jaane tumhe maine koii, dhokha diyaa
Jaane, tumhe koii, dhokha huaa.
Is pyaar mein, sach jhuutha kaa,
Tum faisalaa, kar naa sake.

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Hum Bewafa Harghiz Na The : Strum, Lyrics

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