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Vande Mataram (National Song, India) : Guitar Chords

qrcode for - Vande Mataram (National Song, India) : Guitar ChordsSong: Vande Mataram (Indian National Song)
Artist: Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay

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Guitar Chords:
Dsus2        Dadd9
Vande mataram!

G         D*
Vande mataram!
D*        G
Shujalam, shuphalam,
Dadd9        D
Dsus2   Dadd9           Dadd9 
Shashya shayamalam, Mataram!
G         D*
Vande mataram!

Shubhro jyotsna
Phulakita yamini;
Phulla kusumita
Dadd9           D
Sumadhura bhashini.
Shukhadam varadam, mataram!
G         D*
Vande mataram!

G         D*
Vande mataram!

N.B.: Play in Drop D tuning (chords in Drop D - DADGBe):
Dsus2 - 000230; Dadd9 - 004255; G - 055433; D* - In 3rd / 10th position
(Don't play the 6th string if you play in normal tuning)

Original Scale: D major

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Vande Mataram (National Song, India) : Guitar Chords

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