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Daya Kar Daan (KV Morning Prayer - Scout Prayer) : Lyrics

qrcode for - Daya Kar Daan (KV Morning Prayer - Scout Prayer) : LyricsSong: Daya Kar Daan
Known For: KV Morning Prayer / Scout Prayer

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Plain Lyrics:
Asato-ma sad gamaya
Tamaso-ma yotirgamaya
Mrityor-ma-amritan gamaya

Daya kar daan vidya ka hamein parmatma dena.
Daya karna, hamari atma mein, shuddhata dena.
Hamare dhyaan mein aao, Prabhu, aakhon mein bas jaao.
Andhere dil mein aa karke, param jyoti jaga dena.
Baha do prem ki Ganga, dilon mein prem ka sagar.
Humein aapas mein mil-jul kar, prabhu rehna sikha dena.
Hamara dharm ho seva, hamara karm ho seva.
Sada eeman ho seva, va sevak jan bana dena.
Vatan ke vaaste jeena, vatan ke vaaste marna.
Vatan par jaan fida karna, prabhu humko sikha dena.

Om Sahanabavatu
Sahviryam karavavaheh
Maa vidvishavahe
Om shanti...shanti...shanti...

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Daya Kar Daan (KV Morning Prayer - Scout Prayer) : Lyrics

Comments: 1 comment(s)...have your say!

Mansi Bhandarisaid...

aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww......... yaddein tajaa ho gyi.. :)

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